why no new editor yet?

it’s noon on the 10th…and no new pbasic stamp editor.

has anyone heard anything about what’s going on? am i just missing the link or what?


Chill. As you said, it’s just noon. Likewise, FIRST promised another team update today, but it hasn’t shown up yet.

When they do post it, it will be in the documentation section.

sigh… waiting is hard…

pfft…it should’ve been posted like…3 am :wink:

they’re trying to make me cry! :stuck_out_tongue:


nahh, having it by noon would be fine, since i went to bed last night at 3am, and just woke up close to noon. but they’ve gotta realize us programmers need our obscure hours even more then anyone else! :slight_smile:


I think they should have released it at midnight! It’s going to be almost a week into the competition and we can’t write code…OK so I being kinda dramatic, technically notepad and Rob’s software would work just fine…but how can they do this to us?

Technically, it’s not FIRST thats doing it to us. It’s Parallax. As I understand it, they told FIRST that PBASIC 2.5 would be launched before the FIRST comp. They experienced a delay. (big surprise…). Fortunatly for us, they promised us a beta release on the 10th. (today) It’s not here. Well, if it doesn’t come soon, then I’m just gonna start writing in 2.0. It’s what we did last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, etc. We managed to work without an ELSE keyword, without a SELECT/CASE structure before, we can do it now. It’s rather rude of them to rub such pretty programming structures in our faces and then yank them away, but what can we do?

It’s not even FIRST that was infomed of the change, it was InnovationFirst. They are two entirely separate entities that happen to share the word “first”.

My advice: go ahead and write 2.5 code. For now, you can test it in RoboEmu 1.09. If Parallax doesn’t deliver by Wed. next week, I’ll write a program to convert 2.5 code to 2.0 code. Trust me, it can be done and it’s not that difficult. RoboEmu does it internally since I really saw no reason to add support for new commands when they could all be derived from existing ones.

*Originally posted by rbayer *
**Likewise, FIRST promised another team update today, but it hasn’t shown up yet.

It’s there now…goes and checks innovation first for editor

Heh, I never for a minute believed it would really by released today…

I’m going to admit that I really wanted it released, but I knew also that it wouldn’t be released. Unless they stay open 24/7 and post it at midnight, we ain’t gonna get it for about another 4 days (saying the very least, and very unlikely possibility).