Why (not) flash?

Well. Some may find this post weird, anyway I’ll try to explain. In my opinion, with flash you can develop very beautiful websites and everything but in general, flash websites have reduced content, what I mean, the graphics are the priority, not the content. For this competition, we’ve developed html and flash versions of our website, 'cause we want everyone to enjoy it. I would like to know what you guys think about that? I mean, what do you think about flash websites? And about simple html websites? I think that the best way to use flash is in small intros, logos and buttons, 'cause what really matters in a website is it’s content… what about you?


While I agree that many flash developers concentrate on multimedia and not content, I believe it is possible to do both. When done properly and by someone with a real feel for what should be on a FIRST website, the flashy interfaces and appealing graphics can be used to creatively convey your ideas and possibly entertain as well as inform. From what I’ve seen in FIRST the flash websites are more appealing, but the html and table based websites are much more informative. If a team could effectively combine both they would have a truely fantastic website.

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**with flash you can develop very beautiful websites and everything but in general, flash websites have reduced content, what I mean, the graphics are the priority, not the content.
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Well i afress with flash you can decelope beautiful sites though even without flash you can achieve a lot. I havce seen so many sites and developers out there who can create brilliant sites with both Content and Design. Though i believe content is very important, specially for a FIRST website. I persoanlly judge most of the FIRST websites by their both content and design and look for more content.

I think teams are creating websites to promote themselves and to tell others about them. FIRST team websites should have a lot of contect about their history and the present. Their active participation in FIRST and loads of media content. Though design is now also an important factor because of the award this year.

I’m not saying that Flash is bad, its just im practical to create a whole website with flash. Flash does make a website look crispy and nice. Though i would recommending limiting the use to satisy the end user.


Yes, I believe in a moderate amount of visual stimulation and content. I think content should come first but you should always try to do your best to make it good visually. I am actually currently experimenting with flash and trying to get the balance between design and content just right.

Flash can sometime make it difficult for people to add things to it. it requires a certain amount of concentration, and if someone wants to make some simple changes and they did not create and cannot contact that person it makes it very difficult to edit. Or if you want to have multiple people adding information having a whole website done in Flash limits this ability. They way our team has it setup is anyone that is setup as admin on our website can add news via a custom admin page…Flash just cannot do this to my knowledge. This way people with little to no knowledge of web sites do not have to be bothered with HTML tags and settings etc etc. Flash is nice ribbon on the present, but I would not consider making an entire website out of it unless I was looking for pure vanity and very little upgradability, which is sometimes all that is wanted…


I think making an entire site in Flash is an awful idea. For example, what if someone wants to copy and paste a paragraph of text on your site… Can’t be done in Flash. Not just that, but the fact that if they don’t have flash, they can’t figure out how to get to an alternative version.
I strongy believe that if Flash is used, it should only be implemented as a menu or header image.
I agree with Stephen on this matter, but under his name, where it says “^^ likes ASP.NET”, I would disagree. :stuck_out_tongue: PHP/MySQL and maybe a bit of Java (not applets!) beat slow ASP any day.:smiley:
Sorry. Got off topic.

right on, here’s to the end of ASP and to PHP…

I think that making a full site in flash also sucks because of the horrific loading time. Also, whenever i do create something in flash, i always test on my 233 to make sure that it doesn’t lag…

PHP can create flash, so theoreatically, you could do it dynamically. Not sure how good of an idea that would be though…

Also, I hate flash with a passion. FFS, this is the internet not powerpoint. I feel that as an end-user, I should have the right to view the internet (and the content contained therein) in a certain way. For me, that means I do not want the music you consider cool to blare over my speakers. That also means (in general) that I want to access information in a timely manner. With most flash pages I have seen, there is far too much sitting and waiting for content to load (well, not anymore. Hello cable.) and then watching it flash in. I don’t really care how good you are, or how many effects you can cram into a site. Quite frankly, I just want to read your forums, or look at your calendar.

So use flash? Not use flash? There will be circumstances that flash is made for (IE: games, movies), but IMO, flash should never be a container for content.

Presentation is important. Content is important. But as a web designer, I think alot of what we need to do is keep in mind the objective. As a general statement, I do not believe the major objective of robotics team websites is centered around art, and thus should not (as a general rule) be focused on animating in page elements. It is needless annoyance usually. Make an attractive website, by all means, but never, never let it detract from the point of the site.

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I hate flash with a passion.

hate is such a tame word…

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**I think that making a full site in flash also sucks because of the horrific loading time. Also, whenever i do create something in flash, i always test on my 233 to make sure that it doesn’t lag… **
That horrific loading time is only because of the way the person made it. A menu without images, but plenty of tweening and transforms can look beautiful, while being less than 5k. It’s all the creator’s choice.

I have to give HFWang the cake here. Mostly because I stink at flash, and have seen so many sites that lack content. For instance, I went to a site just a minute ago that was the most beautiful site I’ve ever seen. Yet, after visiting the news, articles, and other pages THERE WAS NOTHING THERE. Secondly, as to flash being easy to manage, update, etc. I think the only way this could be done is by loading all of the data through text files which is inefficient, and possibly having a PHP script to make a frontend to editing all these text files. I think all the flash people need to learn the small tricks that make us notepad PHP editors’ days. Like using a table with 2 cells of dynamic width and differing background colors to make a graph. Or using nested tables that are 5 or 6 levels deep just to get everything EXACTLY as you want it across all browsers. Flash is nice and beautiful, but it’s mainly for static sites with little information to convey unless you do the menu/small animations as mentioned above. Lastly, I would please request that everyone that uses templates/flash creators/modules/premade php scripts do some customization to show us that you know a little more than how to download a script, remove the rightful owner’s name, and call it your own. I may seem like a huge turd in saying this but it greatly angers me to see complete sites made in five minutes, that just remove the Post Nuke footer at the bottom getting all the glory while my thousands of lines of scripting get no credit because they can’t compete. Why am I whining and booing? This is a forum. Disreguard anything I said above that it whining. Thanks.