Why was 2022 Einstein Finals not outside like 2018-2019 Houston?

Title says it all, just wondering why this year’s Einstein Finals weren’t outside like Power Up and Deep Space Einstein Finals in Houston.

Hopefully because the MMP experience was terrible for the teams both watching and competing.


I’d imagine cost was also a factor. MMP is a whole other venue. I imagine the only reason they went back after 2017 was because of contractual obligations or a misguided “we can do it better this year.”


I’m not sure if this is the official reason but at the Minute Maid Stadium there was an Astros game at 1pm


Didn’t have to:
-deal with the sun
-wait until dark for limelight tuning then field lights
-move pits
-move thousands of fans
-deal with a FMS on a new untested field
-book a new venue and pay for it (including camera crews that were already set up)
-deal with new rules like “don’t step on the grass”
-deal with venues that weren’t designed to spectate a field the size of a volleyball court
-deal with 40mph winds that seemed to be common that day and would have been a whole new CD topic

just to name a couple


Minute Maid was awful as a spectator. Audio was awful and the positioning of the field was really awkward. It always appeared as if FIRST didn’t get permission to put anything in the grass, because everything was in the dirt in the baselines, and they didn’t get to use the stadium audio system, because they used their own speakers set up on the field. This setup was way better in my opinion.


The Toyota Center didn’t have anyone playing in it, and also doesn’t have sun glare concerns. Just sayin’ :wink:


Prior booking by Vladdy Guerrero and George Springer raking on behalf of the Toronto Blue Jays


So many unfamiliar words in such a short post!


I figured these were the reasons, especially wind this year as you’re launching game pieces as opposed to 2018 and 2019 where you only placed game pieces (except for a few teams in 2018)

TBH, as a fan of teams that don’t cheat their way to a world series, I’m happy to see any team go into Minute Maid and Win! Especially as a Mariners fan, as it helps us to first place :smiley:


“the George R. Brown Convention Center which sits right between Minute Maid Park and the Toyota Center, where the closing and opening ceremonies will be

Wonder what happened to that…

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The Rockets suddenly went on a hot streak for a few years, making multiple playoffs.


You can book the Toyota Center for single day events during the NBA playoffs. You wouldn’t be able to do all of Champs there, but Einstein for an afternoon would be doable. Bon Jovi and Justin Bieber are both there this week.


Because the Trashtros* are dirty cheaters and supporting them financially by renting out the stadium is immoral. That aside, MMP was always a mess to get into



Dude relax, and revel in the knowledge that soon Super Bowl LVII MVP Baker Reagan Mayfield will be a Seattle Seahawk.

Frank has said FIRST was unable to book the Toyota Center without the potential of being bumped for a Rockets playoff game.

FIRST should hire whichever booking agent is running the multiple concert tours that are stopping in the Toyota center during the NBA playoffs then. :wink:

How about instead of Texas, Minnesota???
The Minneapolis Convention Center could easily fit a champs and provide an easy transportation-feasible event space.