Why was there a fully autonomous robot in the kick-off example?

In the human example, there was a fully autonomous bot. Wasn’t it considered more difficult to participate the entire competition in autonomous mode? and there were no extra points?

What was the reason it was used in the example?

I think it was there to show that you don’t need to use the IR.

yeah, and IR would take some more effort than just autonomous to program… sort of.


It had no Robo Coach, so it had no IR capability. And it continued in autonomous after the hybrid period was over.

Seemed weird.

You could probably get 12 points in hybrid period if you can program autonomous well enough to quickly go to the other end of the field, turn left 180 degres, and head back…

or reprogram a cmucam to track the trackballs and score with one (=

ya, but you have to think about other obstacles… there will be 5 other robots on the field, and if your bot just “goes” you could crash, and maybe get a penalty… thats probably why they introduced this IR thingy-ma-bob so people wouldn’t collide

If you are serious about trying to track the balls you are going to want something better than the cmucam.



Wonder if an NXT part can work with our robot. :yikes:

Wait so does that mean that the direction of traffic rule <G22> doesn’t apply to hybrid mode?

No, it means that I didn’t word my sentence very well…I meant that you would be able to make almost a full lap of the track, with only one autonomous turn.

A team last year (1625?) developed a system to track the poof balls and pick them up. They didn’t use it because of the lack of balls on the floor in autonomous though.

I’m thinking, if they can track the 7" multicolored balls, they can track the 40" solid colored ones.

I’d love to see it.