Why whileActiveContinuous?

What would a use case be for using whileActiveContinuous instead of whileActive or whenPressed?

Button.whileHeld and whileActiveContinuous are exactly the same thing. whileHeld calls whileActiveContinous see the code.

I don’t see a whileActive. What class are you looking at?

whenPressed differs from whileHeld in that it only runs the command once and doesn’t interrupt it. whileHeld runs the command over and over again if it ends while the button is still held and interrupts when the button is released.

I suggest carefully reading this page, and then reading it again. It took me a couple times to catch the nuances.

ah. I missed the reschedule-if-interrupted of whileActiveContinuous.

whileActive is a typo. I meant whenActive.

Thanks for the point to the specific page in the docs.

No worries, I missed that rescheduled behavior too. Luckily the CD community is awesome.

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