Why won't it let me post pictures

Dose anyone know why I can’t post pictures from my phone? I am a new member but would that stop me ?

My guess is that there’s a minimum post count to post pictures as an anti-spam measure. I know CD has similar restrictions on other site functionality.

New accounts have less user privileges, this helps/ed reduce spam.

Best way to add pictures to a post, is to upload them to a hosting site like Imgur. Then have a direct link.

This most likely has to do with how new your account is on chief. If you aren’t already aware, chief has had some fairly bad issues regarding spam this past offseason. One of the ways it is being dealt with is by making it so that new members must have been active for a certain amount of time before they can post photos or attachments and such.

I have never been able to post pictures from my phone. It always crashes the internet app for me. I would try from a computer. There may also be a minimum post number to post pictures to deter spammers and bots. If that’s the case, try sending Brandon Martus (the forum webmaster) a PM and he can take off the restrictions if he sees you’re actually a real person.

Also CD media is moderated on the front end - pictures have to be approved before they even show up for the public.