Why work with politicians?

Now I understand many different teams work with politicians but I never understood the real purpose? If someone could explain this to me that would be excellent! Also what do they help you accomplish like specifically

There seems to be some context missing from your question. What do you mean by “work with”? What exactly are you trying to describe by using the word “politician”?

Well I was referring to how the Holy Cows “worked with” their mayor, state represenatives, and people to that status. Sorry I wasn’t sure if politician was the correct word.

Part of it is increasing the profile of FIRST-- the more legislators are familiar with the program, the higher profile FIRST becomes in the government. Working with politicians can also help with things like the couple bills the Hawaiian Kids worked with the Hawaii state legislature to pass (I’m sure they can give more specifics than I can), or the Michigan robotics team grant program.

There are both concrete and intangible reasons to work with politicians-- they can serve as valuable contacts, advocates for STEM education, and a key into rooms that have large companies and powerful people in them.

The strongest sense of “worked with” often includes events or funding, but as I mentioned, even the act of networking with politicians is beneficial for both sides.