Why would I "subscribe" to a message thread or a forum?

What does subscribing to particular forum or to particular message threads do?

Why would I subscribe?

Why would I not subscribe?

I am so confused! :wink:

Joe J

It actually does two things. It sends you an email whenever there are new posts in the thread and it lists all your subscribed threads in the user cp.

its kind of like bookmarking a web page

you would subscribe if you have no life and would like to know by e-mail when people post.

you don’t subscribe if you have a life and wish to read the forums at your leisure


if you really really want to keep track of posts, subscribe to the thread, and it will show in your control panel… like mike said, bookmarking.

also, for forum subscriptions
if you only care about 5 of the 14 forums, subscribe to those, and browse the board from your control panel…

I personally only subscribe to threads that I want to keep track of.