Why you should watch israel's districts

I watched alot of districts/regionals this week and I think that isr district 1 was the most interesting one.
Imo the top 3 teams after quals(1690, 4338, 1937) were very strong and showed it all over the competition with their amazing ball handling mechanism and with their consistent climb.
I didn’t understand why 1690 didn’t pick one of the other two and then why 4338 didn’t pick 1937 but I was happy about it because I thought all 3 alliances had equal chance to win the competition.
Also 1574 and 1577 had an amazing design for their robots they just couldn’t control it, I hope they will fix it for their next competition.

Any way if you didn’t watch any of the isr district 1 matches I would recommend watching all the playoff games with 1690, 4338, 1937. And to start watch the Israel districts(today 3339 and 2630 are going to play and I’m very excited to see how they will do)


We (4338) chose not to pick 1937 as they performed very similar tasks as we did (cycling cargo in the cargo bay) and our drive team was confident that they could fill the entire cargo bay with time to climb (which worked with Miscar in Finals). Therefore, we were looking for a complementary robot that could assist us on the rocket as well as play preventative defense to ensure we had as little interference as possible. Miscar fit this description, with a very experienced drive/scouting team as well as capabilities to do rocket (at least the lower levels). Had it not been for Miscar’s (1574) and Black Unicorns (5135) offensive and preventative defense, we could have never won against the opposing alliance in the finals.

Although 1574 encountered a few connection issues in the initial matches, once they solved those problems they contributed greatly. In addition, I would like to thank team 5135, our third pick, for their amazing defense with their robot and a superb driver.

Honestly, we were confident that we were going to lose to Orbit and Steampunk and are still so surprised that we won. Fun story: while waiting for the results of the second game, we started running to the pit to get tools because an important bolt fell of our bot and we were sure that we would go to a tiebreaker. Then, while running back to the field we saw people on our side jumping up and down and we couldn’t believe it:)


I couldn’t agree more, as someone who watched almost all the matches ISR district #1 was a great event and 1690 are defintely the best robot we’ve seen playing yet. I think the practice for most people who even watch ISR events at all is probably to just watch the DCMP, but i’d say a lot of districts don’t fall too short from the championship. Unfortunately, we came to the competition unprepared and couldn’t really get the software for our robot working on time, along with driver training and some mechanical bugs in the design. Hopefully we should do much better at district #4.

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