Why your schools participating in First Competition

Why are your schools participating in First. What are the reasons???

That’s a rather open-ended question…

Schools participate because it is morally right to give their students a chance to learn about science and technology. There is no curriculm out there that as closely emulates the engineering industry the way that FIRST does. It’s not even so much having students read a book and take notes on sub-assemblies, but teaching them how to work out problems with people from differing backgrounds.

FIRSTs focus is (I believe), not so much developing engineers, but developing leaders. However, their hope is that after they’ve developed a leader, that leader will use their skills towards strengthening the American scientific and technological community.

The purpose of High School is to help a student develope the skills necessary to be successful in life. Schools strive to do the best job they can, because they know that in-turn… the better student they produce now, the better citizen that student will become later. The english class, math class, gym, history, and sports teams do a decent job on their own. But throw in a program like FIRST, and those students who participate in it will have a world of opportunity at their fingertips.

Take me for example, I’m living proof :wink:
(my life is like one of those formula live-action disney original movies)



theres tons of reasons for any school to participate in FIRST. but for my school, i’d to say first of all theres alot of kids interested in engineering, programming, and different types of careers that FIRST inspires kids to get into. Second, FIRST IS THE MOST FUN THING EVER CREATED BY MANKIND. Its like heaven for a geek!! :slight_smile: I mean not everyone is intersested in sports(ex… Me)… and FIRST gives an oppurtunity to participate in a exciting activity that every one can be a part of. FIRST isnt only for smart people. Anyone can have a place on a team. People who like to build things can build. People who like to program can. Designers can design. Cheerleaders can cheer… etc etc… Well that pretty much sums up why our school is in FIRST w00t w00t :slight_smile: