This is probably a stupid question but at competition after a match is over and we are taking the robot back to the pit could we use a Wifi Compatible Control box to move it without having to use a tethered coard?

No. See “The Tournament” section of the Manual:

<T02> Radio control mode of ROBOT operation is not permitted areas anywhere off the field.
ROBOTS must only be operated by tether when not on the competition field.

i didn’t think that Wifi was a Radio Signal

I don’t think so. Here’s why:

  • Wifi probably won’t be available at the events. You’d have to have your own.
  • Wireless communication is a no-no, unless you are on the field and using the competition radios.
    *]It would be a custom circuit…which makes it a slave to the RC (See Section 8 for details), and the RC isn’t taking input when it’s disabled.
    Try a robot cart; that’ll get the robot back to the pit just fine. (And it’s unquestionably legal.)

Cool, thanks I was just curious if that was possible. It seemed better than using the tethered controls but whatever. Thanks

at nationals there have been teams with a cart that has wheels and there is a person inside driving it

but is not recomended

I have pushed the robot cart at 2 regionals for about 2 years and for 3 years at nats and it’s not that bad


We’ve worked with a cart that used FOUR (4) caster wheels, two of which did not turn right. I’m used to pulling a cart, but we’re working on an electronic drivable cart with a steering wheel or joystick attached. Just be sure, though, that if you decide to build a cart, stay within the guidelines.