WI FRC District Town Hall Broadcast Sat 2pm Eastern.

On Saturday starting at 2pm Eastern the Wisconsin Executive Advisory Board will be holding a town hall for their District Exploration Committee looking into the district model for the State/Regional involving Wisconsin.

Even if you are not in Wisconsin we invite you to watch, chat, and submit discussion topics and questions as this could be a pre-cursor to your area considering districts (or to provide feedback if you area already has districts).

You can watch live on FUN’s channel at https://www.twitch.tv/firstupdatesnow or archived at https://www.youtube.com/firstupdatesnow

We will also take questions and discussion topics from the general public (priority will be given to WI teams but if time allots the EAB will field other submissions). Submit here: https://goo.gl/forms/zjArHieSWELOqx7x2

Agenda for the Town Hall is located here (please note times are central)

How many teams are there up in Wisconsin, used to live in Milwaukee so it interests me :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have the option of Wisconsin for a third district play (as a Michigan team very far from Indiana).

Congratulations on taking the first step to making the transition to the District System.

I’ll freely admit I was skeptical of it when I first heard of it. I feared that something would be lost when new participants and spectators didn’t walk into a large sports stadium and see the “little robots” on the brightly lit field in an otherwise dark stadium. I do have to admit that initial wow factor is missing in the District system. However that is more than made up for in actually being able to see the robots from a closer vantage point. So you trade a few seconds of the big wow on entering for a lot more wow once you sit down and start watching.

The other benefits are huge and a look at how the level of play has increased rapidly in areas that are 3-4 years is the proof.

On the other hand as someone who spent a lot of time building road cases and helping to work out exactly how we were going to pull it all off, it does require a lot of work from a lot of people, to get off the ground successfully and a lot of work to keep it running over the years.

So if teams want it, and trust me you do want it, you need to be willing to step up and make it happen.

After talking with Mr. V at Houston Champs this year, I can say with 100% confidence this guy knows what he is talking about! Thanks for being such a great resource Mr V!

Good luck to WI on your town hall! Really push for a solid list of action items to be completed as follow up to the town hall. We didn’t have any action items from the CA Districts discussion in the fall, and no one has heard a word from CA RD’s about districts since :frowning:

To give you an idea of what our discussions looked like: https://youtu.be/1ya_HBrsWUA



57! Here’s a cool map and graph from a member of 4531.

What would be the chances of Wisconsin and Minnesota forming a District?
Winnesotin? Minneconsin?

Or for that matter, why not Illiana, or Indinois.

More teams cross-pollinating in two geographically similar states.

PNW is an example. Washegon?

New England includes six states. (though our smaller states are sometimes as big as the midwestern counties) New England could become Rhassampshirainicutmont? New Connverainsetts Island?

Oh heck, how about Kentuckesee and Alassippi or Missibama.

Seriously, having more than one state in a District is cool and increases the size of the gene pool.

Too bad the surveyors of America couldn’t foresee Robotics competitions.

I know there have been talks in the past with several states including WI, IL, MN, ND, SD, and IA about forming some various combinations of district regions. Forming a district as stated above is ALOT of work and its tough to get everyone working together towards that goal when they are all spread out over vast distances. Never know whats going to happen though.

I think there’s a possibility but imho would be the most difficult to consider. Minnesota has over 200 teams which would require an expansion from 4 regionals to over a dozen district events (in MN). I think Wisconsin has enough to go on their own but I wouldn’t be against combining with another state.

For comparison, next year WI would only need 4 events and DCMP, which is way easier to figure out.

I wish FIRST would allow real inter-play that counts toward District Points. I think that would solve a couple of the problems holding us back right now and make single-state Districts a lot easier to set up in the Midwest. There are WI teams who could really easily go to Minneapolis for an event, but couldn’t support their own yet. The same goes for IL teams near St. Louis, and just teams along state borders in general. It would also silence the worries about not wanting to only play with the same teams at every event in a smaller District.

From what I’ve heard, going it alone would also be a quicker option for WI. I know IN and IL talked about going together, but that fell through for a handful of reasons. There was also a ton of drama around the topic in MN, and there would be a lot of extra work needed.

I’m excited for the meeting this Saturday! It looks like the EAB has put a lot of work into this and wants to do the whole process right, which I think is great, and I’m really glad they’re being open and having the conversation.


Do you know if this would include the new 7 Rivers Regional area?

For various reasons, yea.

I’ll be there tomorrow :slight_smile:

Obviously I’m in a unique spot - mentor a Minnesota team, volunteer in Minnesota, and Regional Planning Chair for a Wisconsin event.

IF Wisconsin does go districts (no opinion either way here) - I wonder what kind of ripple effect that will have for MN’s Regionals. If WI goes to District play, it would greatly reduce the options that many MN teams (19 teams in 2017) have for a second regional with the potential loss of Milwaukee and 7 Rivers Regional.

This could also impact the many relationships that have been built between teams of the two states as there would be less opportunity for competitive play.

And while it may sound as if I want MN to take it’s ball and go home, I do hope that FIRST in MN takes steps to ensure that MN teams get their first and second choice at MN regionals (we already do for the most part) before any other teams from out of state (ND aside of course - what would we do without 867, 877, and 4818?) get a chance to play here.

Good luck to Wisconsin - do what is best for your teams! It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out :confused:

I’m not sure my team is sending a representative. I would attend, but I’m stuck at work today so I won’t even be able to check the livestream. I’m hoping that Tyler can upload the stream ASAP so I can watch it later. ::rtm::

I think Wisconsin is in a great position to go district very soon.

Some comparison vs. neighboring areas:

Would anybody care to provide a summary of the meeting? It’s fishing opener in Minnesota and I’m guessing a lot of people (myself included) didn’t get a chance to watch the whole thing!

The meeting was recorded and Tyler and FUN it should be posted now.

Sorry - I was busy with life outside of robotics (yes, it does happen) and did not watch the live feed. However, the youtube Webcast has ‘less than par’ audio levels/quality - any chance that this town hall will come with cliffs notes or amplified sound? It was hard to hear the main speakers voice - most of the attendees were audible.

On other notes - happy to see so many interested mentors/coaches in attendance. Also - what a shop that 93 gets to work with… Nice work area! Now I know where you store all the material you have in your Pits!

Here’s the YouTube link. I’m going to start watching it myself soon.

I don’t know how feasible this is, but a combination of WI and the UP of Michigan for a district might be beneficial to both areas. Might be something that could happen down the line.