WI Summerfest mini competition- Photos

For the teams that attended the Summerfest competition in Milwaukee WI, July 3rd I have photos from the event located here:


These teams include

537 Charger Robotics
930 Mukwonago BEARS
1103 Cometron
1259 Paradigm Shift
1625 Winnovation
1675 Ultimate Protection Squad
1714 MORE Robotics
1732 Hilltopper Robotics
2062 C.O.R.E. Robotics
2194 Fondy Fire
2506 Saber Robotics

If teams want a better quality photo feel free to PM, and if any teams have any pictures of 1675 members I would love to get those from the other media people.


WOW!!! Great pictures! Thank you so much for posting these. I am a parent of team 1625 as was unable to attend Summerfest so this is the next best thing!

I was really sad when I found out that the demo date was on a Thursday. It would have been really sweet to have been there. There’s always next year though.

Very nice pictures RayNay. This event was a lot of fun. It is nice to be able to stay in contact with area teams in the off season through events such as this.

Thank you Josh, Chris and 537 for putting this together.

Being a mentor It was fun to get to drive the robot in a comptition. It really isn’t as easy as they make it look.

That was a great event and those are awesome pictures, although, it was quite warm on the field. I almost bet someone that I could’ve fried an egg on top of our processor unit… :ahh:

I was so bummed when I found out the date! I was in Wisconsin then, and had plans for the day! I wish I could have been there! Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

its kind of interesting being a launcher bot in an arena with no end tall walls…
we kept the other alliances driveteams on there toes

I just headbutted the ball, since I was driving our robot behind my back!!! Yea, but a lot of people enjoyed the launching… :slight_smile:

Or when one of our newer drivers took out a table…