Width of KOP U-brackets for frame?

I’m trying to do a little planning for the axles of this year’s robot, but I don’t have access to last year’s robot to measure off of.
What is the inside width of the KOP c-channel u-brackets that connect the pairs of longitudinal frame rails? In other words, what is the distance between the frame rails that the wheels are mounted to on the KOP chassis?

I think 4 inches.

I think IFI has the drawings on their website. If those don’t help you, I don’t know what will.

To save you the trouble, here’s the link to IFI’s drawing of the kitbot chassis.

Kitbot PDF

New kit chassis?:cool:

Good point. With the rumor of a new kit chassis I would be hesitant about ordering parts to use with the kit frame.

And since the IFI site says to check back after Kickoff for all the Kitbot items, it’s not like you can get 'em anyway. :wink:

(keeps his fingers crossed that the changes won’t be -too- significant)