wierd artifacts in render

Well I’ve been working on the animation for this years idea and I’ve already got most of it complete i just recently ran into some weird artifacts in my sky. I used a geosphere hemisphere for my sky, and when i use a nice sky blue material on it i get some nice results such as this.

But when i try to use a picture for my sky to make it look more realistic, i get some weird results such as this.

I have no clue whats causing this and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to fix this?? It would be greatly appreciated!

Are you using any lighting/atmospheric effects or lens flares? Is the only difference the map used on the sphere? Does it look alright if the regular map is used and shot in the same angle?

im not using any effects or lense flares and the only diference is the map on the sphere! and it looks fine from any angle with out a map but when i add it it does that! and i just changed the angle of the camera so it shows the worst part of the artifacts.

What are you using for lighting? That might have an effect on the geosphere. Also, I find that going into objects doesn’t work well, just from experience.

Edit: Btw, that looks really awesome! Very sweet modeling!

im using a mental ray sun for lighting. and the sun is within the sphere and the material is fully self illuminated so it doesn’t need to be lighted.

And thanks alot for the compliment! Ive put alot of effort into this. Its just a little frustrating when a stupid map is such a setback!:mad:

the fully self illuminated might be causing some problem – I’m not sure. Try adding an omni light instead just for testing?

Also, is your map 2-sided? There should be a little box that you can click for that. I’m guessing you already added the modifier on the geosphere (the normal modifier if memory serves) to make the inside of that be visible.

tried all of that and no use :confused: and making the map 2 sided made it 100times worse for some wierd reason ugh this is anoying

I deleted my skysphere and recreated it and reaplied my material to it just as i had exactly done 5 other times in trying to figure this out for the last week! then BAM it works im like WTF, but oh well im glad that its working now. there must have been some sort of bug or something. Well tell me what you guys think now i got it all rendered out!

If you guys have any coments ideas or suggestions please feel free to tell me!

P.S.(its suposed to be a fully automated floating farm with a desalination plant/nutrient gatherer in the middle.) don’t copy me! :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Just an FYI,

That thing is really beautiful. How long did you spend working on it?

Man, I wish I had a person like you on our team :yikes:


I wish he was STILL on our team. :smiley: But he switched schools. Good job Adam.
I’ll use this as motivation for our animators. They’ll be like:

Thanks alot Steven! ive put more effort than any year into this years animation and i just finished tonight and it looks awesome! I hope Tim and whoever else is working on yours is working out alright!

They cant be doing that bad since i taught them :wink: