Wierd program behavior with LabVIEW and 2CAN

We successfully installed the 2CAN, loaded the firmware, found a Jaguar and downloaded version 86 of the firmware to it. On the browser, we could see the voltage and temperature.

However, when we downloaded the Voltage Mode example.vi, it would download, run for a second, then stop with error -52010.

Any suggestions?

That error means a cRIO “requested resource must be initialized before use.”

I still have to make my CAN cables before I can help more.

Ok…still looking around for my bootstraps.

Looking at deployment errors: “Failed to load FRC2CANPlugIn.out” I have revised the nrt-ini file and copied the .out file to the system subdirectory. My 2CAN still stubbornly blinks red.

I suspect the problem is that FRC_UserProgram isn’t imaged in when the cRIO is imaged for labview. Since the 2CAN plugin uses some of the library that’s probably why its crashing. Darn, I thought i had removed all references to classes in the library (Nice catch peterjohnson). Expect an update soon.

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This means that no plugin is loaded.

That makes sense, since the download window states that it ‘fails to download FRC_2CANPlugIn.out’…I think Omar is working on that problem.

FYI 2CAN update is now available…


Details are explained at …