WiFi/Bridge/CRIO Boot Conflict

Link to this thread. We are having major problems. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1028041#post1028041

Continuing the tradition of circular links between these two threads… :slight_smile:

I recreated one instance where the cRIO and DLink failed to communicate properly and, in addition to the cRIO reset, I was able to simply unplug and replug in the cRIO Ethernet connection to get them talking again.

The symptoms in this particular case were no connectivity between the DLink and cRIO, but the cRIO Ethernet port lights were solid green and yellow, i.e., no packet traffic.

Unplugging and re-connecting to the cRIO port 1 started the yellow traffic light blinking and everything was fine again.

We have been using the DAP in AP mode. I also noticed that it takes much longer (gets there eventually though) for the laptop to communicate with the robot when power on the robot is cycled compared to when we just reboot the robot from the Drivers Station.

However, in the case of power cycling the robot I have also noticed that if I disable the WiFi radio on the laptop and reenable it I can get comms much faster. So the sequence is:

  1. Power off the robot
  2. disable WiFi on the laptop
  3. Power on the robot
  4. Wait roughly 20 or 30 seconds for the robot and DAP to come up
  5. Enable WiFi on the laptop

This get me connected much faster than if I just leave WiFi enabled on the laptop and power cycle the robot. Maybe this doesn’t have any value for fixing comm issues during competition but I thought it might provide some clues as to the root cause.

We have been having a similar problem as well. The robot won’t connect when power has been turned on. So we unplug the cRio, turn on robot (which includes the bridge), wait 10-20 seconds, then plug the cRio back in, wait for cRio to boot, and right away it connects like normal. If this is a huge problem I’d like to know how to fix it ASAP! Thanks for the help!!!

The Solid Ethernet Lights are exactly what happens. But still the only way mine will solve the problem is reseting the compactRIO. I’ve tried unplugging the Ethernet cable several times.

Funny Story. Yesterday all day. Whenever I powered the robot up. They started and connected right the first time. The problem isn’t to consistent.