WiFi Disconnect Issues

Looking for some guidance on a reoccurring issue our team is experiencing. We have the DAP-1522 Rev B router and it is powered though a 12v-5v converter. With a fully charged battery any time we accelerate anything more than gradually, the router lights will switch from the blue power and blue AP to one red power light. We lose connection and have to wait for the router to reboot. Three robots have had this issue. Has anyone else experienced this? Any solutions?

Is the 5v/12v converter plugged into the special 12v port on the Power Distribution Board (marked in attached image)?

Check your Driver Station logs to see how low the graph of the battery voltage is dipping.

You can also try tethering directly to the cRIO and putting a multimeter on the barrel connector used for the radio to see what voltage you are getting there when the motors kick in. Set the robot to push against a wall to provide resistance while not having to chase the robot to see the multimeter measurements.

Voltage hasn’t dropped below 9v. We are plugged into the lower port in the PDB. I’ll try the multimeter. Thanks.

Your description of the symptoms indicates that the power loss is between the PDB and the radio.

Things to check for:

  • Loose connection or a wire whisker short at the wago connector at the PDB. If any copper can be seen, then redo the wiring there. Only insulation should be visible disappearing into the connector.
  • Loose connections at any splices on either side of the 12v/5v converter
    The multimeter test should show up either of the two preceding potential wiring issues.
    Since three robots suffer from this I kind of doubt that the 12v/5v converters are the issue.

If the wiring seems good, then the next possibility is a loose fit of the barrel connector into the radio. Wiggle the barrel while powered on to see if it moves much. See if it can be wiggled enough to cause a power reset.