wifi/internet at lone star and bayou regionals

I never checked last year. Is there wifi (with internet) available at regionals, (more specifically the lone star and bayou regionals). We were just wondering if it would be possible to setup a small screen in the pit with updates of our team’s ranking and the overall rankings in the event. (while it would be cool, I’m not expecting enough bandwidth to live stream the field to the pit, (so the people working will also be able to watch.))

Just so you’re aware, many (most/all?) regionals have a screen displaying exactly that information at or near Pit Admin.

yes I’m aware, but I was just thinking that it would be cool if it was viewable within the pit itself. :wink: . The best thing would be is if we had enough bandwidth to actually live stream the event to the pit, because we always have a team of 4-5 people who almost never leave the pit (purely because of the amount of work we have), and actually miss the fun of watching the matches.