WiFi Issues?

Hello i am having a problem linking to our robot. I have checked the signal strength at both terminals and both routers have signal to each other. I have re-run the instructions in the control manual and i still cannot get it to connect it was working perfectly until today. any help?

You have to install the barracuda wifi robot / spybot controller

We started barracuda wifi out by extending the wires coming from the motor by soldering on extra wire. Below is a picture of the Barracuda WiFi Robot / Spybot controller. This is what we will be using to control our robot.
After this we wanted you to take a look at the yellow wire from the motor that is connected to the terminal block. You can also see how the batteries are connected in series to power the Barracuda WiFi Robot controller. We connect the servo on the green terminal block. The red wire is connected to the third 7.2v batteries ground, as well as the servo’s ground – tying them all together. The white wire is the servo’s signal wire. The Barracuda has two ports; each can individually be configured as a digital or analog input, a digital output or an Rc output.