Wifi name changed?

We rebooted our robot and the wifi name of the bridge changed from “4460” to “4460 2”. We didn’t change any of the wifi settings. Why/how could the name possibly have changed?:confused:

I don’t know the exact reason for this issue, but I’ve had it before and never had an actual issue on the ‘XXXX 2’ network.

If I’m not mistaken, on my home WiFi network (not a D-link router though), there’s a ‘(wifi name) 2’ network that is transmitting at 5 ghz as opposed to 2.4

The only thing I can think of is were you running two routers with the same name? It may default one of them to 2…either way, an odd error and I’d say re-image your d-link for starters.

Okay i will try this.

Another problem i found was that on DS its says, “Watchdog not fed”. What does this mean?

It’s a windows networking affectation. Your network name has not actually changed.

Go into your wireless network manager and delete all the networks you have there. Then go back and refresh your networks and you will find that the ‘2’ has been removed.

How many times did you see ‘watchdog not fed’. Once is normal. Many times is bad.

Windows will do this when it sees two networks with the same name.

  1. Go to “Network and Sharing Center”
  2. under “View your active connections”, click on the icon (bench, building, house…)
  3. “Set network properties” dialog will appear
  4. click “manage or delete network locations”
  5. delete unneeded networks, or use merge .

There are two ways this happens, if the computer sees it across multiple bands (to check this, go to the router’s page at its ip address and check there for what band it is using) or if you have multiple wireless cards in your computer. In our shop, we use two wireless cards on one computer (so we don’t have to change our ip to access the internet or the robot), and our robot shows up on the two cards as 888 and 888 2. It is windows differentiating between networks and network cards.