Wifi/radio won’t blink light when we turn on the control board

(We took these images when the control board was off) everything else blinks except the wifi/radio and the RSL

We also tried having two power sources

Not sure if this is the problem if you’re also using the barrel jack, but your POE cable is backwards. The orange male side should plug into the radio ethernet closer to the barrel jack. The regular ethernet cable connects the POE female to the roboRIO.


You are also missing the fuses in the end of the PDP.


What are fuses?

Discussed here:


Probably a good idea at this point to turn things off, leave them off, and double check everything. There are some wiring mistakes that can fry things… You are close, but something like that could set you back quite a bit, depending on the specifics.

See PDP User’s Guide.


These are installed backwards.


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Follow each wire/cable one at a time. It may be helpful to print out the document @nuttle linked and use it as a checklist.

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