Wifi rules at competition

I was wondering what the rules were for wifi at a competition. Is it mandatory for wifi to be provided at competition by the event organisers, or do they have the option to provide wifi?

Pretty sure its optional and up to the location. But either way, be prepared to not have wifi at the competition.

At orlando, we were on UCF campus, so there was UCF’s guest wifi available, but it was very iffy.

You’re not allowed to have hotspots but alternate solution is USB tethering.

Generally it is unavailable where the field is. You cannot make your own.

Ok, thanks. Wifi not always at competition, and hotspot illegal. Got it. Another question, though, is the hotspot illegal b/c it creates a wifi network or b/c it uses cellular data. I can’t imagine it’s the second one, but stil.

Potential interference with the field.

It’s the wifi network. Robot radios operate over wifi.

If there’s a public network available, it’s fair game for use (under normal operating conditions for the venue). But, as noted, it may not be available. (Or it might simply be swamped.)

Ok. Does anyone know if it is possible to use cellular data on a computer? Obviously without a wifi hotspot. I assume I will need a modem of some sort, but after that I am lost.

There are several options. One is a modem you plug into your computer that gives it cellular access, yes. You can probably also tether to your cell phone using Bluetooth or over a connected USB cable. Both are certainly options on my iphone.