WiFi Video Broadcast in Pits at Nats 2004

Is SOAP or somebody else going to be wirelessly streaming video of the matches back to the pits? I would like someone to do it if possible. I know they did it last year. If so, do you know the IPs yet and can you tell me if it is possible to record the video coming off the stream? Will the quality be like the webcasts or TV quality? Thanks, please post before Wed Apr. 14, the day we leave.

robotics.nasa.gov —> FIRST Webcasts.

There will be links on there to the webcast feed of each division.


Isn’t that over the internet though? We won’t have access to the internet in the pits. Last year at nationals they had a special IP that would let you view the matches from the pits over 802.11b.

I was under the impression SOAP was providing a wireless network as usual.

Sorry for not understanding well (Nat’ls noob) but how do we get internet access, wireless or non, at all in the Georgia Dome? Will I need to do anything special to make my wireless card work? Will it automatically pick up the wireless routers several teams are offering or do I need to change any settings? I’m on wireless right now at home and it picks up the network here everytime I come back from school. Better to ask now than during the comp when everyone’s busy. We leave tomorrow morning, can’t wait!

if it is a standerd wireless card 802.11b using windows xp or 2000 you wont need to change anything and it should automaticly see the network and try to log on…the only thing you might have to do dependant on who runs the network is register your mac address but i am sure that that will be adveritised there if you need to…but nothing so far has indicated that there will be a network for sure