Wiki: All the Scouting Apps

Since there are so many different scouting apps out there, I figured I’d make a wiki where people can enter a scouting app. After you added something, please reply saying that you added something so that this thread gets bumped back up to the top of the home page and people will know there’s another app added.

I’ll start with adding one I found earlier:

Creator Platform(s) Works Offline? Link(s) Thread (Link)
Team 3175 Android Yes, except one-time download of match schedules PC Component, Companion App, Scout App Thread
Team 4855 Any web browser Yes Full scouting app Thread
Team 2733 Any web browser (progressive web app) Yes, supports upload queuing Scouting app Thread
Team 3647 Android and iOS No Android Link, iOS Link Thread
Team 102 Any web browser, optimized for mobile devices (Android or iOS) but also works on desktop No, although it is designed for poor-connectivity environments Full scouting app Thread

I added my team’s scouter to the list.


why not add TITLE to the columns?