[wiki]: More restrictive edit policies?

In light of the recent spam attacks (some 14 seperate IPs in my check tonight), I am wondering if we should enact more restrictive edit policies.

Frankly, I must go through the entire recent changes daily in order to ensure that there is no spam. And I am giing out some pretty harsh blocks for it (after several weeks worth of reverting, you would too). Tonight’s lucky number was 1440 (Warriors).

Should we require logging in? Capchas? Spam blacklist?

I would at the very least appreciate help in this battle.

In the past few days I’ve been encountering the same problem with a (non-FIRST-related) wiki that I run.

There I’ve got it set so that users must be logged in to make changes. For months that was enough, but, I’m now considering some form of Capcha as in the past few days there’s been an annoying number of spam posts (I consider 9 since the beginning, all of which have been in the past few days, an annoying number).