[wiki]: Renew domain name?

Hey, quick question: www.firstwiki.org’s domain name expired (again) “on 05/29/07 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

Is someone planning on renewing the site? Thanks!

I sent an email to phrontist to see if he’s going to renew it.

It looks like it has been renewed, but godaddy’s whois search isn’t showing it (but 2 other places are). The NS haven’t been changed back, however.

I hope he does. FIRSTwiki is great resource.

I tried to get on to edit it today and I practically had a heart attack when I saw the “Renew domain name” page come up! :yikes: (Yeah, I spend a LOT of time on that Wiki) :rolleyes:

Hope it gets back up soon. Much to do, much to do.

I don’t think that phrontist has the domain, seeing as he didn’t start it. If he did, however, good luck trying to get it back. He lost our team’s domain as well.

Is it just the “Domain Name” that expired or the hosting service itself? If it’s just the Domain name then there should still be some way to access the site via the hosts designated IP address for it. If anyone knows what that is (looks at wiki admin) it might give people temporary access while the domain name gets sorted out.

Unless of course it is the entire domain… then we just have to wait I guess… :frowning:

Actually, I think he does. If so, then this is at least the 3rd (and quite possibly the 4th) domain he’s lost. Not to be pointing fingers at phrontist or anything, he’s a good guy, just not so good at renewing domains.

The firstwiki hosting is on the Chief Delphi servers (we have some extra to donate to this good cause). Unfortunately, all the sites on the machine share an IP (why I set it up that way … I don’t remember … I think because it was 4am). So, until the domain name is renews & pointed back, it’s going to be offline.

If it’s not back in the next day or so, I could make wiki.chiefdelphi.com go there.

Couldn’t you do that anyways, and when/if firstwiki.org is renewed just forward to the new address?

Good idea … I’ll get the DNS set up …

Looks like the DNS went through. You can get to the wiki by way of http://wiki.chiefdelphi.com/ until the domain name is fixed.

Sorry about that guys. It should be working within 24 hours or so. Someone had been taking care of the domain name for me for the past few years so I had not been making sure it was renewed. I will have control of the domain from now on and I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks to those who emailed me about it.

it appears that people are bidding for firstwiki.org on the domain name aftermarket https://www.tdnam.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=7704334&

Any news on this?

The auction for the domain name was close to $100, last time I checked.

I believe the domain is still in the grace period, so Bjorn (aka phrontist) still has a chance to renew it, but there isn’t any chance of anyone else registering it besides the auction winner.

Both Brandon and I tried to contact Bjorn, with no response. Without his help, you can forget about firstwiki.org

I did register firstwiki.info (for 99 cents), if anyone is interested in using that instead.

I have some terrible news. A new site has taken over the firstwiki.org(just in case you click on it, I am redirecting it to Google as there are pop ups) domain. It looks like one of those take over the internet with fake content just to get a pop up add type of sites.

EDIT: Firefox does not realize that there are pop ups. Don’t think your safe using it.

For me, its just a squater page. The WHOIS still points to phrontist, but it is beyond the period to do anything about it.

I would recommend phrontist contacting GoDaddy (the registrar on the WHOIS) and seeing what he can do. I don’t think anyone can register for it yet.

That particulare page says that the results are cached and older then 30 days. The current whois info shows the new owner.

Since it looks like a domain name acquiring company has now registered firstwiki.org, would it just be possible to leave the FIRST Wiki at it’s current address of wiki.chiefdelphi.com? We could always rename it CD-Wiki, stick the CD vBulletin page headers and footers onto it, and put a link next to CD-Events above. Where’s CD-47 Bot? :wink: