[wiki]: Update to latest Mediawiki version?

A few of us have been talking about this in the talk pages of FIRSTwiki but I figured we’d be more likely to find someone who can help here. So basically this is directed at whomever manages the Wiki database and such.

We were wondering if it would be possible to update FIRSTwiki to the latest (or at least more recent) version of the Mediawiki software. The current version is way out of date, and we think updating it might help solve some bugs (such as articles that don’t save edits).

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I second that motion.

It appears that that is the last version of MediaWiki that supports PHP 4, all the latest versions support PHP 5.

I have been told that FIRSTwiki runs on the Chief Delphi server, so it shouldn’t be a problem to upgrade? Maybe? It appears from the HTTP headers that Chief Delphi still runs PHP 4.4.1.

Yep. When I get some time I will be doing some upgrades … probably mid-May. I’ll see if I can’t upgrade mediawiki, too – unless one of the wiki admins wants do to it. I’m not sure who all is active, anymore.