Wild Card 2013

I’m starting this thread to create a base of information as the Wild Card system starts to come into play for the first time. Before each regional, I will be posting a list of teams attending that event who have already qualified for the Championship, and would create a Wild Card slot by winning the competition (more information on the system can be found at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/blog-wild-cards-2013-and-the-harlem-shake). If anyone would like to help me do this, correct me or post relevant information, feel free to do so. Hopefully this will help teams be better informed about what they have to do to qualify.

I would probably be useful to simply create a base list of qualified teams for cross-reference with event team lists. If you’d like, I’d be happy to help, though it’s pretty simple.

That sounds like a good idea, it will make it simple to be accurate and organized. I think I can handle it, just have to look at the awards pages for the events.

Does this still apply if the team that won the regional was already qualified for st. Louis, but did so by being in Einstein last season? this is the case with 987, as they just won the SD regional over us and id like to know if qualify as wild card.

No. When this was all released, it was made clear that the WC was only used if the team creating it qualified in 2013. So, go to another event with 987 this year and take finalist there, and you’ll be in the lineup for a wild card.

Briefly, no. You should read through the wild card rules at the link in the original post and here. Wild card spots are only opened for teams that have qualified previously during the current season. 987 will only open up wild card spots if they are regional champions at any of their events after San Diego.

Assuming 987 wins the event (which is likely, but not guaranteed! :rolleyes:)

148 at the Dallas Regional and at Silicon Valley.

I attached a file that includes all teams that have qualified for the Championship during this season (and therefore all teams that can open wild card spots in their later events). It also shows those teams’ Week 3 events. Finally, how each team qualified, in a separate sheet.

No wild card spots were opened in Week 2. 4451 is the only team that has qualified twice this season, but was RAS both times.

Here’s the digest for Week 3*:
1986 at Kansas City
2655 at North Carolina

If 1986 is a regional champion at Kansas City or 2655 at North Carolina, the Captain of the Finalist Alliance will qualify for the FIRST Championship.

*Note that 27 and 245 have qualified for the Championship, but can’t open up wild card spots in the traditional manner at the districts they’re attending. 27 attends St. Joseph in Week 3.

Wild Card Possibilities.xls (28.5 KB)

Wild Card Possibilities.xls (28.5 KB)

However both teams are within their ability to turn down an MSC spot, or should they win there or rank high enough to move on, their spot would go to the next team in line.

(Big Secret: Wild Card Rules benefit later regionals, but REALLY benefit MARC and MSC)

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This is only partially true. The rules have changed from previous years (at least for FiM) and I recommend those in Michigan and MAR read their supplemental rules. FiM Rules and MAR Rules. The relevant rules are on the last page of each document.

In Michigan, if a team is prequalified and gets CA, EI, or RAS at MSC, their spot does NOT go to anyone else. If a team is prequalified and is Regional Champion or requalifies by rank, their spot DOES go to the next ranked, unqualified team.

In MAR, if a team is prequalified and is Regional Champion or gets CA, EI, RAS at the MAR CMP, their spot does NOT go to anyone else. If a team is prequalified requalifies by rank, their spot DOES go to the next ranked, unqualified team.

what happens to teams that have pre-qualified for championship before winning week 2 at Lone Star, i.e. 148 and 118 ?

if a team who is a member of the Winning Alliance – has already qualified for Championship at an earlier Regional in 2013

I don’t see that case accounted for in the description of wild cards.


The Wildcard Worksheet makes it painfully clear that 148 and 118 didn’t generate any wildcard slots at LSR. Only qualifying at a prior 2013 event will do it. I’m obviously just as disappointed as you, but thems the breaks. On the other hand, I think there’s going to be a fair number of teams at Alamo that will be capable of generating wild card slots.

Is it just qualifying at prior events that opens up slots or winning previous events and then getting another spot that opens up slots? Like, did 4451 open up a Wildcard slot at Orlando this weekend because they have won the RAS 2x this year? If they did, this would get 125 to championships; and they are extremely deserving.

Only qualifying at a prior 2013 event will do it.

And that qualification must be from winning the event, not from awards, if I understand correctly.

Incorrect, any qualification from this season creates a slot.

You have to have qualified at a prior event (RAS counts) and then WON an event to open up a Wildcard slot at the even you’ve won.

Again, look at the Wildcard Worksheet and actually work it for the regional in question.

Thanks Basel, that would have saved me some work if I hadn’t done it already before checking the thread.:smiley:

…as long as the second qualification is a win, not an award.