Wildcard 2014

Doing this again, the goal is still to maintain a base of Wild Card information for teams it is relevant to. Before each week of competition, I will again post a list of teams attending that event who have already qualified for the Championship, and would create a Wild Card slot by winning the competition (more information on the system can be found at http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/frc/championship-eligibility-criteria. If anyone would like to help me do this, correct me or post relevant information, feel free to do so. This should help teams be better informed about what they have to do to qualify for CMP so they can celebrate at the appropriate time:D.

Am I correct that the greater kansas city regional already has two teams coming that are bringing a wildcard? 118 and 1986 both won a week one event, so if they are both on the winning alliance at GKC then the captain and first pick of the second place alliance will qualify for championship? (I am just checking if I understand how wildcard spots work.) Thanks.

Yes, this is how this would work

What I think would be really funny is if every team on the finalist alliance was wildcarded

That actually happened a few times last year. If 2 robots on 1 alliance, and 1 robot on the other alliance are prequalified for worlds, all 6 robots would get invites to worlds no matter which alliance wins the finals.

That happened at GTRW last year.

With the conclusion of Inland Empire, Week 1 is in the books! Congratulations to the 26 teams who qualified for Championship! Out of those teams, only 1 is competing next week: team 1241, Theory 6 at GTR East. So, here is the short list of possible wildcards for next week:

Week 2 Wildcard Possibilities:

GTR East: 1241

If 1241 is on the winning alliance at GTR East, the finalist alliance captain will be awarded a Wild Card slot and qualify for Championship.

And Oklahoma City.

Theory 6 came up just short of a win at GTR East this weekend, so no one earned a wildcard slot in Week 2. That is looking much more likely this week, with 13 qualified teams in action at 7 different events in Week 3. Without further ado…

Wildcard Possibilities for Week 3:

  • 359
  • 1817
  • 2158
  • 4063

Greater Kansas City

  • 118
  • 1939
  • 1986

North Carolina

  • 4935


  • 624


  • 1671
  • 1678

St. Louis

  • 4500


  • 399

If any of these teams win their respective regional, a team on the finalist alliance will qualify for CMP via a Wildcard slot. Good luck to all teams competing in Week 3!

1817 were winners at Hub City and will be competing in Dallas this weekend.

If a HOF team, or another team that prequalified for champs before the 2014 season is the captain of the finalist alliance in which they should earn a wildcard, is the wildcard applied to them or their first pick?

It goes to the first team that has not qualified for championship.

First team that has not qualified this season. HOF/Winning last year doesn’t count.

Nevermind, I decided to go find the document.

I thought so too, but apparently not.


See the second sentence of step 5.

Orlando has at least one wild card from 624. I’m not sure if there are any others

Since no one from Waterloo is competing in a week 3 event, we can determine (I looked at Gregor’s post on Waterloo just a moment ago, kudos to that) that if one of the following teams wins at Waterloo, then the finalists will make it on:

254 - Central Valley Winners
781 - Greater Toronto East Chairman’s
1241 - Greater Toronto West Chairman’s
1285 - Greater Toronto East Winners
3161 - Greater Toronto East Engineering Inspiration

Like Gregor said:

I expect everyone from the finalist alliance to qualify for champs, just like last year.

You’re right, I just forgot to copy them off of my spreadsheet. I’ll edit my post.

That is very interesting. I wonder if tha’ts an error.

For Las Vegas, 399, 987, 1266, 1538, and 3476 have already qualified.

1538’s qualification as a hall of fame team does not generate a wild card slot. Only teams who have qualified in 2014 generate a slot (the other four teams all do).

Oops, sorry, should’ve read the thread more carefully before replying.