Wildcards at K.C.

I had a question on the wildcards at K.C. All the teams from finals at K.C. have a ticket to champs. The winning alliance 1710, 1723, and 1785, all get their tickets from winning. And 1730 from the other alliance got their ticket from EI. But how were the two tickets generated? Allowing 1806 and 1777 to go to champs as well.


I believe it goes as follows:

1710, having won Engineering Inspiration for Newton Division at 2014 World Championships, was a pre-qualified team therefore going into the event already having generated the 1st Wild Card. Having won the event, normally this wildcard would be passed down to the Finalist Alliance Captain. That team, being 1730, already qualified through winning this event’s Engineering Inspiration award, therefor passed it down to their first selection, 1806. Then, since 1710 won Chairman’s Award at the event, generated another wild card, and with the first two teams of the winning alliance having been qualified, that wildcard was passed down to the Finalist Alliance 2nd pick.

Edit: I’m not even sure why I bothered trying to race Hallry.