Wildcats 3540 teaser (off roading anyone?)

We took our robot for a spin thru the woods today :smiley:


We have full custom gear boxes and 12" wheels.

From the looks of it, you have 2 pneumatic wheels per side. How well does it turn on carpet?

We havent tried it yet, but we have a pneumatic mechanism that drops the front of the bot down onto 2 onmi wheels (not on in that vid) that the bot turns on

Im sorry for being a downer, but why would you go outside with it? Those leaves will crush up into almost a powder when you drive on then and will get sucked into the fans.

I realize that that looks like alot of fun (My other half would have done it for that), but why?

Id just give it a once-over for leaf bits

Well, we built this thing to basically be like a tank, we just wanted to test it in an extreme situation xD.

also, the electric parts are in a lexan box that shields it from the outside.

(we are a small team so we have all worked on every part of it so we just wanted to have some fun with it)

Great! That was smart. I always think there is something cool about having a small team too.

Also, another thing i might mention. This bot currently is only running at 1/4 to 1/2 the power it will be when we are done. (we are waiting on gears for two of the motors and 1 of the motors on one of the sides isn’t always working (maybe faulty speed controller))

We’ll go off-roading with you! Go pneumatic wheels!

Update: driving over 7" bump