WildLog - Robot data logging and viewing

Back in fall last year, I asked our software team to come up with a system to log and then view all input, output, and any other useful data from the robot. The main driver for this was to be able to answer the age old question of “What just happened???” when something just isn’t working properly or as expected in a match.

The result of that - WildLog - is a very useful tool indeed. We have written up a post about it on our blog, so you can read why we did this and what it does, but here’s a screenshot of the viewer showing our lift in action.

So cool. Going to see if it’s not too late to integrate this into our bot. Thanks!
Edit - I see it’s not released yet. I obviously can’t wait until it is!

Really cool! We’ve been doing some similar stuff with LabView this year. FIRST/NI/WPI/CTRE has a tool for viewing the logs that are generated on the PDP but for whatever reason it hasn’t been made public. It is definitely not as pretty to look at though. Excellent work on this though. Good stuff.

This is pretty awesome and were hoping we can use it next year!

The PDP log viewer is not available since it isn’t finished yet, it shows the data but it isn’t as fine tuned as the ds log viewer

It works fine. It ain’t much to look at mind you. One of the many resourceful Zebracorn programmers might have obtained a copy by asking a friendly CSA. :wink: