Wildrank for 2017

I will be releasing 876’s implementation of Wildrank v2 for the 2017 season as a github repo in a few days, I need to finalize it into a more complete product. If you would like a copy in its current state, need some help understanding how Wildrank works, or just have general questions please do not hesitate to reply to this thread or PM me.

I appeared on F.U.N Spotlights tonight to talk about scouting in a variety of contexts. I talked about our system, what we are looking for with scouting this year, give a quick glimpse into what Wildrank looks like from the scouts’ perspective. The show will be archived on F.U.N’s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTs5rBgzV6o

I don’t understand how this works or how to try it. I watched the video where you discussed it and showed screenshots but I can’t figure out how to try it.

My apologies on this taking a day to respond. :slight_smile: I can throw together a demo .apk file for you to install on your device if you can give me some basic information. Then it should be easy for you to root around, I should be able to get it to you early next week. Keep in mind there are a few bugs that will cause the app to crash and a few unimplemented features that may seem weird.

Wildrank will require 6 android devices to operate efficiently, it also requires a PC to run the desktop app for setting up the tablets.

I will need to know:
What device(s) are you using?
What version of android is your device running?
What is the path to the root of the USB stick when you attach it to your device?

Alternatively, I could throw together a video describing Wildrank itself and how to setup/use it, instead of an overview of our scouting system as was in the other video (this may be more what you are looking for). This would be available on March 15th at the earliest.

Skye Leake