Wildstang 2012 - it's coming...

Here’s a first glimpse of Wildstang 2012.

Looks like the 2006 shooter on the top of that robot :wink: . I loved 111’s robot in 2006. I’m not going to lie, our teams designed is modeled after that robot. I can’t wait to see this thing in action!

WOAH! Honestly, I haven’t seen 111’s 2006 robot (off to that now), but this thing looks PERFECTLY complicated for Wildstang.

Video soon?

+1 for what appears to be VEX wheels on the bridge tipper.

Too complicated for Wildstang?

Start browsing CD-media…

Although last year’s was fairly simple, Wildstang is NOT known for building simple robots. Look back at their robots from 06-'10 and you’ll see some very complicated (yet sucessful) machines.

Very cool machine. Too bad I’ll have to wait until the Championship or IRI to see it in person.

Oh. :o I only know them from last year, so that explains a lot, now that I’ve just seen their other robots…

Great looking bot! Can’t wait for Midwest.

I’m curious (because I can’t tell from the pictures) whether they went back to swerve, or went with the skid steer from last year (or even used something else.).

I’m also curious, was some of the metal work done through team IFI? or was that just last year?

Yeah, I laughed when I saw this. Nothing is too complicated for Wildstang.

That’s a LOT of magic smoke! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously - cool backlighting.

If my sources are correct, team 111 is an official member of team IFI as of last year and retains that partnership this year.

Looks like another typical great Wildstang machine. Holes everywhere, orange polycord, clear rollers yup it’s Wildstang. It looks like they’re doing like many other teams and having something fold down to help collect balls if I’m seeing it right. The only thing I’m having trouble figuring out is what that thing is in the front of their robot. It looks like its made of some type of smoked clear plastic. Maybe to help with human or partner loading?

Thankfully, no magic smoke was released during the making of these photos.

I don’t know how you guys got those pictures but they look like works of art. Huge props on the photography. Oh, and the robot too…

There’s gotta be some mirrors somewhere. I’m totally at a loss for what the angled framing on the left hand side of the silouhette could possibly be. :confused:

No mirrors, just smoke :wink:

Since Raul has worked for IFI about a year now I’m pretty sure it’s official.

We’re intimidated. See you at North Star!

I am curious about that pneumatic cylinder in the 3rd picture.

I like how the drivetrain isn’t revealed by the picture… I wonder if there is swerve behind the smoke?