Wildstang 2012 Reveal Video

Here’s 111’s entry to Rebound Rumble in action!

Good luck to all teams!


You guys need to come back to Wisco next year!

Okay, now I’m scared. :eek:

Another excellent Wildstang machine! The low bumpers and drop-down skid looks familiar…

Best of luck at Midwest, I hope we get a chance to play with you in St. Louis

I think we can give 'stang the “Best Camera Usage Of The Season” award now

Reminds me of 148’s 2009 video :stuck_out_tongue:

Between this and 118’s video, I feel like FIRST could definitely start something extremely cool here. Watching reveal videos like these is awe-inspiring, with an emphasis on the inspiring. Great work Wildstang!

From another thread:

Even if there wasn’t an award, if FIRST just recognized videos like these reveals on their website they could definitely spark a lot of interest.

I think an award like this would be awesome! They do animation, why not video? It could have a due-date, they’re not too hard to make (mine took me, what, a day or two?), and are a great way of showing your robot to others. Not only are they INSPIRING, but they’re some of the coolest things to watch! It would be even better, since you’re being judged on the quality of the video, not the robot in it. You could have a robot like 111’s (just an example, since it is the 111 thread), and have a not as good video (this one is awesome, again, just an example), and you can have a rookie team who’s robot only uses 2 out of 4 CIM motors with a great video.

I’m for the Unveil Video Award (UVA).

Back to the original topic, this has got to be one of my favorite videos of 2012, solely because of the scene with the camera inside the ball. 148 in 2009 was my favorite because of this, and though 118 this year took the #1 spot, I think videos like this one are just plain awesome (UVA winner? ;)).

Awesome job as always. I particularly like the bump traversing mechanism. Any details?

Awesome machine, and digging the Volbeat.

Quite possibly the best reveal video of all time. Nice work to whoever put this together.

Not to mention the robot looks awesome.

I can’t help but notice during the building sequence, there were a whole lot of student hands working on that robot.

Just sayin’.

As everyone knows, our students don’t actually design or build the robot, so to make it look like they were working on it for the video, we hid cookies inside the unfinished frame and turned them loose. It looks believable. Either that or they were actually doing the work :rolleyes:

Great video Harrison, Alec, Josh, and whoever else worked on it.

Ho-hum another turreted wheeled shooter…

JK :slight_smile: Great work guys, can’t wait to see it in person Saturday.

And I second Taylor’s comment.

I thought someone just dropped a contact and they were looking for it for 6 weeks :rolleyes:

Great job on the video guys. See you on the field tomorrow

Great looking machine! That shooter is very fast, and accurate :D. Can’t wait to watch you guys in competition.

Yes, this has to be put in the category of one of the best unveils video of all time!

The robot on the other hand - purely amazing. Although I expect nothing less than that from Wildstang. The amount of complexity in this machine is crazy, however it is pulled of so well it looks simple.

Can’t wait to see it at Championships!

Ball Cam !!!
I am both impressed, and a little worried (we start competing with you tomorrow at Midwest).
I tried to get our team to do a reveal video, and they wanted to shock and awe everyone by “coming out of nowhere”. :confused:

How does it keep the balls from going past the top of the 2 storage belts/get the 3 balls in a nice line in the storage system?

-Matt Goelz

If you watch, the wheels in the shooter changes. Some of the video has two wheels and some of the video has one wheel. I hope I’m not the only one who noticed…