WildStang 2020 Robot Reveal: Celebrating 25 Years of Tie Dye!

Team 111 WildStang is proud to present our 25th robot for the 2020 season!

Check it out in action!

Competing at:

  • Midwest Regional (Week 2)
  • Central Illinois Regional (Week 4)
  • Detroit World Championship

Thank you to all of our sponsoring partners for enabling this team to inspire for a quarter century!

Founding Partners (25 years!)

2019-2020 Sponsors


Love it. Very sad we won’t get a chance to play until champs. GL this year!


The driving looks so good and so does the adjustable hood…


That hood speed is now 5x faster since filming.


I love literally everything about this robot. It’s so clean and there are so many clever design details built in. Looking forward to watching it play, just wish I could see it in person.


I remember seeing that kind of hang with ri3d teams and thinking how weird of a design it was, but man if that wasn’t impressive. Fastest climb I’ve seen yet! Looking at how you preformed last year and seeing this robot it seems very clear we are seeing a strong resurgence of this team, best of luck!


Looks good


How long does it take you spin up your shooter to top speed?

About 5ish seconds on a full battery.

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I’m assuming that you have a 1-2 lbs inertia wheel somewhere in there.

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Yup! The tie-dye wheel on the shooter in the picture of the OP is where the inertia wheels are located.

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Direct drive from a falcon? (sorry for all of the questions, I’m comparing specs with our shooter which from what it seems is very similar)

This robot is awesome

What is your wire management like to get 360 deg on your turret?


2x 775’s, 2:1 for a 4" flywheel. Usually running about ~80% speed.

1x 775 for pre-acceleration right below the shooter wheel.

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Yup, pretty much identical to us, only I noticed your inertia flywheel is 1:1, ours is geared up to be 1 1/3 as fast as our shooting wheel.

It’s only 270 degrees. We just have an umbilical off one side that wraps around the turret as it spins. It’s hidden in the picture, but it runs between the shooter and the climb winch, when the turret goes to max rotation.

Loose umbilical, kept as flexible and short as possible. Wrapped in Velcro nylon sheathing. httpss://www.mcmaster.com/7257k2


I like how in your top picture, you can see some Cheeto dust on the back of your limelight. Awesome design and cool wheel!

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Is there any way to get a picture of this?? I would love to see how exactly you are doing it

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This robot is so fast and clean! Can’t wait to see it at midwest. Beautiful design, very much reminiscent of the 2006 turreted shooter.