WildStang 2020 Robot Reveal: Celebrating 25 Years of Tie Dye!

This is a sweet robot. Especially like that it can do endgame this year. Midwest just keeps getting better.


What’s the pitch of the gear profile printed on the back of the shooter hood? What motor/reduction did you use for hood adjustment?

The hood is 20 DP gear profile generated by rushgears.com. It started out as a 345 tooth gear model that we then added our own features to. The face width of the gear is roughly 2.25" because we where worried about it stripping.

Originally, it was being driven by a printed 30 tooth sprocket on a snow blower motor.
The snow blower motor was too slow. If the hood is extended the robot doesn’t fit under the control panel and we’ll decapitate ourselves. Shortly after filming, we swapped the snow blower motor for a bag motor driving a 10:1 VP Lite into a 2.5:1 belt reduction. To make the full 45* of travel we went from about 1.5 seconds to well under 0.5 seconds.




Got few request for photos of turret cable management. It’s nothing super complicated, just a loose umbilical that’s given enough room to flex. Harness enters near the ‘middle’ of the turret’s rotation and is just long enough to reach both extremes. It is wrapped in a loose fitting nylon sheath.



Hey I was wondering if both the only thing pulling the climber down and the robot up are those black straps or is that sprocket at the base of the climber powered?

It is just the black straps. The sprocket just acts as a way to keep the climb contained within the extension limit. the sprockets and chain assembly is completely unpowered. The way the climb goes up is using the gas shocks, and the way it comes down is through the winch using the black straps.


Looks pretty sweet. That climb looked super fast as well. See you in Chicago.

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