Wildstang Done???

… or just another cheap Beatty knock-off? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Soukup definitely gets an Academy Award nod for his faceplant into the laptop :wink:

<3 Wildstang :slight_smile:

haha, yes! A great spinoff. Dare I say better than the original?

Oops… there goes the shooter. I hope you guys remembered where each part went… :eek:

Lavery, are you watching… Beatty and the Stang have unwittingly disclosed their achilles heal to the world. Now all that FIRST needs to do is create a game where the mentors have to dance for part of the match score - 71 and 111 will finally be defeated!

Good thing for the students on 71 and 111 that this is FIRST and not FIRD (For inspiration & Recognition of Dancing) - this way they still get to learn from the best.

Great videos 71 and 111 - can’t wait to see your bots next month!

Obviously 6 weeks was waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much build time for some teams.

I believe I hear the first nomination for the Regional “recommended” music list.

Thanks for the humor guys, a little bit crazy is all right.

Oh no, do I see a new reality TV show coming? “Dancing with the FIRST Stars”??? :ahh:

“Dan, We’re gonna need another week” is the only thing that I’m going to be hearing in my head all day long! I love it. Raul, do I detect an acting background??

Nice job, everyone!

Kev, who will have to remember that line if he’s late getting anything to Dan at the Milwaukee Regioanl =)

That’s just what I needed to start the morning.


I was just watching the 2004 video, and thinking to myself:
“Boy, I hope Stang releases a video this year!”

This is NOT what I had in mind.


I love the new goatee…looking very good.

OK I definately have to stop watching these videos in the open computer labs at my school… Everyone looks at me wierd if and when I start laughing. :yikes: Especially since I have my headphones plugged into the computer so no one else hears the music playing.

Beleive me, its better when they can hear the music… :yikes:

Very well done parody.

Our viral marketing sub-team needs to start getting going on some of our ideas :cool: .

yeah… our school went on this crazy ban of headphones :confused:

at any rate, first thing every morning at school I hop on Chief, and needless to say, this made my day today…

I dunno, It’s a toughie :wink:

I can’t tell what’s worse… Mr. Noble’s “Dirty Macarena” or Raul’s “Certain Appendectomy” dancing. Although I can say that seeing Raul when the briefcase snapped open could have won an Oscar for ‘Most Hilarious Face’.

I smell a dance-off at IRI. A very disturbing, slightly traumatizing dance-off.

/edit: And I think Andy Morrison relinquishes ‘Worst Dancer’ Award to Dave ‘Hopscotch’ Scheck, by a landslide.

/double edit: Hey Al… Down in Beattyland, we like our baseball players adorned with Cubbie blue. :slight_smile:

haha, I knew that shooter avalanche was coming as soon as he held up the crate. Much more realistic too, I love it!

Initially, I thought that Tom Michna’s “sprinkler” dance in the Beatty video was the most ridiculous…

…but, what the heck is Scheck doing in that Wildstang video? Stick to the guitar, Dave, as your dancing looks like a jittering Tickle-me-Elmo doll.

Andy B.

There is nothing like a good laugh to start out my day. Thanks guys.