Wildstang Teaser Video

For all of you who enjoyed the Wildstang teaser videos from 2001 & 2002, we have another. This year’s video was done by the same talented person as the previous years. Many thanks to Ryan for putting it all together. I hope you enjoy the video and our robot. Feel free to ask questions about the robot or video.

Here it is, hopefully our server can handle the load.


Low Quality (6 MB): http://www2.wildstang.org/2004/video/WS2004encore_v2_low.wmv
VCD (16 MB): http://www2.wildstang.org/2004/video/WS2004encore_v2_vcd.mpeg
High Quality (23 MB): http://www2.wildstang.org/2004/video/WS2004encore_v2_hi.wmv

Excellent job on the video. :slight_smile: It has good editing with footage of your robot in testing phases, last years at competition, your team, and your awards. Instead of possibly burdening your server I right clicked and “saved as”. I downloaded the high quality 23mb version over a lan connected to a broadband cable modem, took about 40 seconds.

Very very slick. I love the way that you lower and raise your swerve modules. You make it look effortless getting on top of the platform. There wasnt much of a pause at all for transition between the two surfaces.

Great job on the video and the bot!

Hope to see you guys in Atlanta


Sheesh…are you trying to scare us all now? Let me tell you…you’re definitely doing a good job at that. :smiley:

Unless we make it to Atlanta, 818 won’t be competing against your robot. Still, I’m considering going to the GLR just to see Wildstang in action… :slight_smile:

O.K. I now have two goals for my team this year:

  1. Make it to the Championship
  2. Draft 111

Beautiful machine, folks! =-]


I thought our Swerve was cool this year… that is just INCREDIBLE. Once again you guys raise the bar, great job! :wink:

Great job guys, love the vid. Looks like another winner from 111

If you could only use hydraulics, than you coudl get some serious air!!!

See you at MR

Simply beatiful! :slight_smile:

Brilliant bot, brilliant video!

Clarke told me about it at the team party what you guys could do after he met with you guys at VCU. All I could say is, while hearing the description, I was in utter aw. I heard everything you guys can do, and the technology, I’m just amazed. Clarke and I talked about it on the way home. It’s amazing. Big props.

Wildstang you guys are as assume as ever, I was just wondering how many air storage tanks you have on your robot? From the video it looked as if you had more than the allowed two, rule 5.2.9 :confused:

Dose your robot use a Swerve drive this year?

Great bot again this year.

:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:

That’s all I got from that video.

Nobody has gone over the platform that smooth yet.

Good job again. Hopefully we will get a chance to play with you again this year in ATL. I wouldn’t mind an “encore”.

::drool:: I love your drive to death :slight_smile:

Thanks for making a video, you know how much I love Wildstang videos!


During competition we will only use two. For the filming of the video we added two more so we could get the robot to raise & lower more times back-to-back before we ran out of air. I was actually wondering how long it would take for someone to see the four tanks in the video and say something about it here. It was quicker than I thought it would be.

Dose your robot use a Swerve drive this year?


So after i stopped having convulsions I have to say that after last year I didn’t think you could out do that, well…


I really like the two robots goin up and down the steps is that animated or is that actually two robots (I couldn’t really tell my vision started to go out then) :smiley:

I thought our bot went level over the steps and did it quick with our gurney system but wow this is just amazing with the crab drive and everything

Yes, we put two extra tanks on for the video so we could continuously go up and down without running out of air so quickly. The competition version will not be able to go up and down that many times in a row - but that was just for show - no need to act like a low-rider in a match.

Yes, it does swerve drive as well.

Thanks for all the positive comments. Look forward to some matches with all the other great robots out there. Even some of the rookie robots I saw in person at VCU were very impressive.

I’m in awe. Can I propose to your robot?

wow… i am simply amazed. i cannot wait to see yall in action!!! great job!

WOW… its amazing… i seee Hydraulics… :smiley:

I’d like to be drafted BY 111 :wink: