WildStang's Cable Magic

Back during beta testing, we developed a small part to be 3D printed, that fits in the ports of the RoboRIO to help keep out debris and save the pins from being bent by over-zealous electrical students with a fistful of zipties. We affectionately called it the Cable Magic. (Really, it was because we couldn’t think of a better name, but I digress…)

The posts about the Cable Magic on our blog are two of the most viewed posts! So, thank you for the interest.

Today, we have posted files for a new addition - the short version for the analog input and relay ports.

We’re starting to see photos of it in use by teams, which is great! We’re glad you’re finding it useful. If you are using it, feel free to share a photo with us over on our Facebook page.

Thanks guys, the lack of protection for the pins on the rio is my biggest complaint about it. This should help a lot.

I’m not sure where to post this and I hope it finds it way to the original designer of this. We really like using this cable magic (we call it a cable retention mount). However, the part as-is was not very printer friendly due to the sharp corners, so we’ve modified it as such to use 0.02 filets on all corners that interact on the x-y plane of the print orientation. This results in smoother and faster print. If anyone is interested in this modification I’ve put it here:

Thank you for the update. We use PTC Creo and cannot open the CAD. Could you please post a STEP file.

I’ve edited the update link to this which is a shared folder that contains both the solidworks part and the step file. I’ve also included the short version of the clip which fits over the 4 slotted areas (e.g. analog in).

we have used it for steamworks for the first time.
works great!
tell me if you want a picture