Will air pressure in venue affect path of ball? (was: DOES ANY ONE KNOW ????)

[size=3]Does any one know that since the air pressure can affect the path of the ball does any one know if any of the following domes are pressurized the Eastern Michigan U Convocational Center or the Grand Valley State U Convention Center or the Georgia Dome??? :wink: :wink:[/size]

First, even if there was a pressure difference that might affect the ball trajectory ( which i doubt) every team would have to overcome the same situation so the field would be very fair.

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this is something that we considered too, with a big venue like the Georgia dome…or any other for that fact there are some significant wind currents but i don’t believe that they are close enough to the ground to affect the balls.From personal experience you can not feel the wind currents at field level …one thing we are checking however is how and if humidity will affect the balls. We should have results on the swelling of the balls(if any) in a few days

air pressure is only one variable that teams will encounter

do not plan to calibrate / adjust your shooting mechanics to swoosh balls through the center goal from 40 feet out at you facilities, and then ship the bot and expect it to do the same thing at every event

every team is going to need a way to tweak (fine tune) there shooters and launchers and foam nerfy ball flingers at the events.

Also, I think just the way the nerf balls will get dinged, dented, sliced, mutilated and/or decapitated in competitions will have more impact on their trajectory than differences of at most only one PSI* or so of difference in air pressure.

  • The difference of air pressure should not be that great. The difference in air pressure from the inside of a commercial jet to the outside environment at 35,000 feet is only 8 PSI. That’s it. Even Denver, The Mile High City, has an altitude of 5,280 feet above sea level - or in other terms 1/7th the altitude of a cruising altitude for commercial airliners.

Also, because of the climate control in some buildings, the interior air pressure might be up to 1 PSI higher than the exterior air pressure. The reason for this is that the heating/air conditioning units put more air into the building that it lets out. This is true for a lot of skyscrapers in large cities. This might be true for some competition venues as well.

how do you define decapitated on a spherical object? :smiley:

more than psi, temp, humidity, etc of the balls shooting, im more worried about the picking up part after hard matches the balls might be slipperier. smaller. abused. and well. since we dont have 6 robots to test with the major difference would be a more crowded area. but then again thats everyone the same. so it doesnt matter.