Will Champs 2023 go Minute Maid?

My friend from London and I have been assigned as volunteers for this year’s Champs. Unfortunately, the hotel we had booked for the night of April 22nd is unable to provide us with a room. Our itinerary involves departing from Houston that evening, but we are eager to ensure that we do not miss the final. Does anyone have any information on whether the Champs is scheduled to end at the same time as last year, during the afternoon of April 22nd?


The time Champs is scheduled to end, and the time Champs actually ends, can vary wildly, Minute Maid or no.

They HAVE gotten somewhat better… but I would plan on streaming the final from the airport as an emergency measure.

Unless your flight is at 11:00pm or later, I’d count on streaming finals as your primary plan.


For reference, Einstein at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center last year ended at approximately 6:20 pm.


Haha I remember last year our team had a flight at 7pm or something and we had to leave in the middle of Einstein final 2, traffic was a nightmare as there was also a baseball game getting out at the same time, we did make it though.

Seems like I should move to another hotel or airbnb whatever for April 22nd…

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