Will disabledInit() be called between sandstorm and teleop?

Last year, between autonomous and teleop, a single disabledInit() and disabledPeriodic() were called. I could be wrong about that, but I remember last year my code was thrown off a little bit by the robot being disabled for that tick.

Will this be the case this year? For most teams it won’t make a difference at all but for people doing something with commands when the robot is disabled and enabled it might make a difference.

Also, looking at some of the WPILib source code, it looks like this must be completely through the FMS so there’s not really a way to tell unless someone is able to test this. Also, last year we used IterativeRobot and this year our team is using TimedRobot so I’m not sure if using one of those is the reason why this was happening.

Read the Game Specifics -> Sandstorm Coding

This link was pointed out in the first rules update.

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