Will ethernet mbps increase?

Getting 0,8 to 1 mbps when streaming video to the default dashboard(The value that writes under the video). Will this value increase in a match? Will the quality drop?

During the match the radio will cap the bandwidth at 4mb. How much bandwidth that you use is dependent on your frame rate and quality settings. If you are currently getting <1mb, then you will not see an increase/decrease during the match. If you were currently seeing >4mb, then you would see a decrease because you will be bandwidth limited during the match.

In my experience, no, it should not change much going to the FMS. The video stream itself should not change, just the total bandwidth used might increase slightly if the FMS sends/receives additional data from your robot. This should just be minor noise compared to your video stream bandwidth, though.

There is some bandwidth variations based on the complexity of the image, as you can tell from your 0.8 to 1.0 variation.
A camera staring at diamond plate doesn’t compress the image as well as one pointed at carpet.