Will first change the stage RP?

I don’t think they will. It’s difficult, to do, sure but I did see a couple teams get to stage 2 and were just about to finish before the match ended. I think we’ll figure it out as the competitions go on over the next couple of weeks.

Teams have gotten close, and shown that it’s definitely possible, we just have to get it down, and keep getting more efficient.

We might have a better chance of seeing an actual unicorn than a unicorn match.


Not a very good example in my opinion. 3 vs 1 with 0 defense, all three could score during auto (with extra pickup), 2 could score very consistently.

They managed to reach 49+6 under essentially home practice settings.
I don’t know that they had TIME to activate the control panel. Even if the third bot was trying to active stage 2, anything scored during that time would not be counted towards stage 3. It is in my opinion achievable, but probably less so than 40kPa

When you have to relies on the field lining up to get that far, then something is off in the setup.

FIRST can change whatever they want and in the end none of us can do anything about it. You can comment/complain and hope they care/listen. It’s their rules and their program.


Will they lower? No. This has come up several years in the past and hasn’t changed, I don’t see why it would now as this may impact many teams strategies.


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