Will FTC get a new game?

As already shown, FRC will be repeating its season while FLL just announced its new field https://www.instagram.com/p/CANuWSSlWgU/). With this in mind, will we be getting a new game for FTC or a repeat like FRC?

Probably a new game, robot costs for FTC are much lower then FRC while transportation costs are similar. There is no real benefit to a replay because as I heard most of your matches were played (more then 50%). I’m beginning to wonder why FTC isn’t the “main” competition because it has a similar or better experience (with smaller team sizes) and lower costs.


My personal speculation on the situation is that while I suspect even FIRST would prefer a new game given around 95% of all events played, the main pressures are going to be on the supply chain. Basically, “How is AndyMark doing?”

if AM is struggling to get enough stuff to build new FTC fields to ship, they may have to change or replay the game. Alternatively, they could go back to how things were before 2014 and tweak the game to be made out of PVC again, and avoid the AM field issue altogether by telling teams how to build their own field elements. What I could also see happening is that a new game reuses elements that AndyMark still seems to have a lot of; like 2017 FRC fuel and the 2014 Cascade Effect small balls. It would be hard to reuse skystones as a major game element.

(Personally, I think both would be pretty interesting elements to use; fuel is quite large relative to other ball elements used in the past , while the small balls, are well, small.)

Of course, this is all pure speculation; I don’t live in Kokomo.


Funny story: When I worked at AndyMark, Danny Blau ran the numbers on using a future FTC field set to burn off the remaining Fuel. I don’t remember the exact number of balls-per-field they could do given the sales history of field sets, but it was much lower than you’d think. And they’ve had a few years since to burn that stockpile even lower.

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Like below Velocity Vortex # of balls? And how much would you bet on a return of PVC?

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Truly don’t remember from then and wouldn’t be relevant now, but I’m guessing single or low double digits. No Maize Craze stuff.

It doesn’t take deep analysis to know AndyMark (along with VEX and REV) just took a significant punch to the gut with the Infinite Recharge announcement. They always work hard to deliver a great field to FIRST and FTC teams, but this year they have even more incentive than usual.

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Most likely. I called FIRST HQ last week to ask if there will be a new FLL game this summer. The person I spoke with said that because both the FLL and FTC programs got through most of their respective seasons, they will both be getting new games this year. She also told me to look out for the FLL teaser to be released a few days after my call.


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