will.i.am talks on Google+

While opening up my web browser this morning i saw a little blurb of text under the normal Google search bar. Apparently will.i.am is hosting a large “hangout” on Google+. I just thought I’d let the CD Community know just in case anyone wanted to go on and maybe get him talking about FIRST again or just see if he says anything about FIRST in the hangout. I would watch but I am severely lacking a Google+ account. Hope to hear some good stuff about this chat.


Google+ is now open to all, but if you want an invite send me a PM with your e-mail.

That goes for anybody else as well.

Not quite.

Going to plus.google.com gets me

It seems though that parts of Google Plus (such as creating a google profile) work for me, but plus.google.com does not.

Are you 18?

Moral of story: if under 18, whenever you create a new internet account, add a decade to your age. For instance, if you were born on 4/16/1994, enter in 4/16/1984. easy to remember, and you still get access to these limited betas.

You have run in to the age limit. It is a lot harder to work out how to deal with minors on a social network with adults on it. If two minors are in a hangout, and an adult tries to join, what happens? How do you deal with a minor and an adult being friends? It is a complicated issue to deal with, so Google hasn’t chosen to tackle it yet. Hopefully they will, but that is their choice.

That’s bad advice. I would recommend against this practice.

I’m somewhat glad Google+ is only for 18+

It’s either a Google+ account or being able to use Google at school, so, I’d rather have Google at school.

I agree. Nothing good really came out of lowering the age limit for Facebook to 13. Kids (and some adults :-)) I know aren’t mature enough to handle the social pressures of Facebook, and waste way too much time on it. Also, locally adults have done some really bad thing to highschoolers involving Facebook. However, I don’t really want to complain, becuase it gives an easy/popular way to communicate with and get the opinions of team members.

Someone tell me what will.i.am says…

Daniel D.

The only significant advantage I see to google+ is that multiple people can video chat at once for free (using a hangout) and this is not a free feature in skype.

That said my school district has all kinds of social network policies in place so its mostly for my students to communicate with each other.