Will.I.Am's hall of fame

Does anyone know if Will.I.Am’s FIRST version of the song “hall of fame” is out yet? Also does anyone know where I could find it?

I don’t think he actually made a new, produced song… he kinda improvised it at Champs. I could be wrong.

This was debuted a couple weeks ago at the NYC Regional by Dean himself. It’s not improvised, but I’m not sure of the actual release details.

From the webcast I couldn’t tell if he was ‘improvising’ over the original or a new track…either way, a few lyrics flashcards would have helped. That said I sincerely appreciate his efforts and I hope there really is a new track available.

After watching the video of it at championship, I’m left wondering if this was some idea someone had right before lunch, because it didn’t look very, umm, prepared…

But then again, I know as much about being a music star as I do about makeup…

They played it at the Wisconsin regional, so it’s been out there for a while. But I can’t find it on youtube except for the live performance (Where he was defiantly dubbing over the original)

That’s the thing…Dean had mentioned multiple times in prior weeks, but the final ‘product’ was severely lacking polish. Hopefully a recorded version exists. HoF was played after F3, but from the webcast it wasn’t clear which version.

At the Showcase dinner for invited guests and FIRST Staff they showed a video of the song so no, it was not improvised. In fact Dean and Will.i.am did a little banter about how Dean thought it was a great song and its lyrics just needed a little tweaking to make it perfect. Will counter that usually he might take that suggestion and go work on it himself but that Dean had the suggested lyric changes and Will agreed that they were spot on. Dean referred to it as* FIRST*'s new theme song.

I think they played the original version at the Wisconsin regional, but I could be wrong.

EDIT: Nope, I think you’re right. :stuck_out_tongue:

They played the FIRST version of hall of fame at NEChamps. It was definitely a lot more polished than the live performance.

I’m sure it will be published soon. We heard a similar version in week 1 at the granite state district

The song is a significant improvement over FIRST’s previous attempt to make a relevant theme song.

I’m positive it was the new one. We had been looking for it since then and couldn’t find it. We were surprised when watching Championships that this was the “new” song because we’d heard it before.


When you put it that way, it does make this song pretty awesome.

Can we please get a Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers cover of this at IRI?

Can we have Will. I. Am cone to IRI and sing it with them?

Quoted for truth…


Sticks in my head like a bad dream.

I think they actually played the first verse during opening ceremonies (I think it was opening). My team saw it at NYC and loved the, “you can be the greatest, you can be the best, you can be an engineer or a scien-test.” and we sang along.

The FIRST-ized recording was definitely played at Montreal too. Dean was there to ‘unveil’ it.

I think what happened at champs was mostly that Will.I.am is a performing artist. He performs his song at concerts all over the place, and to change the lyrics for this one venue, its easy to make a mistake.

Here is what the performance looked like from the pits on the right side of the Einstein field. It was amazing looking up at the crowd with the synchronized smart phones lighting up the dome.

Still sounded like bad karaoke.