Will-i-am's quote on a cake

For our robotics team’s end of the year party, we got a cake, and decided to put Will-i-am’s quote on it. Check it out.https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8ega820kHkPVG1KZkJlTGdidFk

Will.I.Am turned my life upside down with those words

Me: Wow! This steak is really good!
My Dad: This steak is motherfckin’ dope
Me: That joke is getting old…
My Dad: That joke is motherf
ckin’ dope

I’d bet this’ll get yelled out a few times at the 2017 competitions…

I’m really hoping this dies out, I get that it was from the heart and that it shows he appreciates the FIRST community, but at some point it starts to get annoying.

Snakes on a plane.
Just saying - it’ll find a niche.

Just like the paper airplanes on Einstein.
(Never actually been to Einstein…)